What Are High Voltage LiPo Batteries and How Are They Useful?

The high-voltage battery means that the battery has more voltage as compared to normal batteries. The present LiPo batteries can be classified into high voltage batteries (4.35 V / 4.4 V) and regular voltage batteries (4.2 V). The nominal voltage of a typical voltage battery is 3.6 V / 3.7 V, and the upper boundary of the charging voltage is usually 4.2 V. The nominal voltages of these high-voltage lithium batteries are 3.8 V and 3.85 V, and the cut-off voltages are 4.35 V and 4.4 V, respectively.

Numerous times we utilize a particular battery capacity, but most of us expect that the greater the battery capacity, the much better it is. Normally, a higher capacity means better battery quality. How can we solve this problem? The solution is to increase the battery‘s voltage.

According to stats from the lab, when the voltage is raised, under the very same discharge time and the exact same capacity, the time when the normal battery runs out is less than the time when the battery of a higher voltage runs out. This shows that high-voltage batteries can prolong battery life. Normally, high-voltage batteries are utilized in the drone business. Whether it is an aerial survey drone or a plant defense drone, the main purpose is to prolong the battery life. The energy of these high voltage lithium batteries is greater than that of regular batteries.

High Voltage Lipo Battery

The Benefits of LiHv Batteries

As a 3.8 V battery, it has not just all the benefits of a 3.7 V LiPo battery, but also has much better benefits on operating voltage and energy density. For some applications, the area is rather limited to make space for more circuits and functions. The capacity needs to be as higher as possible in a small area. In this scenario, a 3.8 V LiPo battery is the very first alternative to be thought about.

The benefits are:

ü  A low self-discharge rate; less than 3 % each month.

ü  Longer cycle life.

ü  Less weight.

ü  A smaller size means more space for other components.

ü  Greater capacity and energy density; 20 % to 30 % greater than a 3.7 V LiPo battery.

LiHv Battery Packs

LiHv batteries can essentially be utilized in many different kinds of RC applications. However, you should know some things about these applications. The batteries just raise the amount of voltage by a little volume. When considering the peak voltage, this amount is almost 3.5 %. There are other performance factors as well. The motor spins faster which results in an increase in current. So, generally, you can see an increase in performance by 8 to 10 % on average.