Smart Charger for NI-MH & Ni-CD Battery

Melasta research and development teams are fully focused to produce and offer the new solutions to the market. Melasta smart charger for NIMH and Ni-CD battery packs. These chargers are the best choice to charge the RC Toys batteries. This is very compact solution with dual charging solution. It can deliver 0.9A and 1.8A current. There is button to switch the modes of the current on the charger.


Operating Instructions:

1. Connect battery pack to output connector and plug AC power source

2. Make sure battery polarity is connected correctly (Red wire is positive)

3. Charger will detect battery voltage automatically; Red LED will be on during charging

4. When battery is fully charged, current will reduce to trickle charging at 50mA, Green LED will be on

5. Battery will be charged at 0.9A or 1.8A constant current (changed by switch)

6. Approximate Charging time is about 1.5hrs for 3000mAh battery,1hr for 1800mAh battery

7. The charger is designed for faster charging Ni-Cd and NiMH battery packs from 6 to 12V for RC car/Air and Air soft gun

8. Don‘t charge battery packs with voltage less than 6V or greater than 12V and capacity smaller than 1000mAh or larger than 5000mAh

9. Battery pack must be made for high drain current cell

Technical Specification

These are the technical specification of the Melasta smart charger for Ni-MH and NI-CD.

Model Number



100-240v AC 50-60HZ

Output 1

Max DC16V 1.8A

Output 2

Max DC16V 0.9A




Ni-MH/Ni-Cd pack only


1 Year