The Overall Expense of Ownership of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Melasta‘s LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries provide consumers more benefits like hands-off procedure and lower mass, as opposed to lead-acid batteries. Such lithium batteries likewise offer prolonged lifespans which means fewer battery replacements and service calls. Lots of novice purchasers of lithium iron phosphate batteries think if the greater buying cost compared to lead-acid batteries is more sensible in terms of the overall expense of ownership. So, do these lithium iron phosphate batteries are less or more costly than lead-acid batteries when we consider their overall operational lifespan? Here we will compare the overall cost of ownership of lithium iron phosphate batteries with lead-acid batteries.

Overall LiFePO4 Battery Cost of ownership

To approximate the overall expense of ownership of a number of battery technologies, we take a look into the most crucial factors such as:

LiFePO4 Battery Charging cost:

The small expense of electrical energy for charging a battery. This consists of the requirement for overcharging a lead-acid battery to prevent stratification (the build-up of lead sulfate on the plates of the battery).

LiFePO4 Battery replacement expenses:

In addition to the expense of removal and set up by a certified professional, it also consists the cost of a brand-new replacement battery.

Labor fee of maintenance:

When it comes to flooded lead-acid batteries, it consists of monitoring and filling water levels, cleansing acid residue of a battery, and frequently the nearby areas, in addition to cleansing or/and changing bolts, cables and nuts that have actually ended up being severely rusted. Lithium-ion batteries need no upkeep throughout their lifetime.

Labor expense of connection:

The small expense of setting up the battery, typically carried out by an experienced specialist who in a few scenarios needs to be arranged and posted to the consumer’s site. This expense is almost similar for all battery types, nevertheless, the procedure should be repetitive numerous times with lead-acid batteries.

The battery‘s initial cost:

This is the greatest cost of initial installation which includes the up-front retail cost.

Together with the battery’s initial cost, probably a very vital consideration in approximating the overall expense of ownership is the battery’s stated lifespan in terms of the no. of cycles till the termination of its life. For our estimations, we appropriated the end of life to be once a battery stops working to provide 70 percent of its original capacity for LiFePO4 batteries and 50 percent for lead-acid batteries.

Total Expense of Ownership - Results

Whilst lead-acid batteries are considerably less in initial expenses, they need frequent replacements. The more cost-efficient Gel batteries still needed a few replacements, the AGM needed the most replacements, and the FLA batteries needed replacements for almost 14 times over the life of a single Melasta battery.

Summary of LiFePO4 Battery Cost

Using determined lifespans derived from the producer‘s released specs of a battery, our examination reveals that the Melasta batteries are much more cost-efficient than lead-acid batteries.

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