The Best Battery for Solar Panels

The Best Battery for Solar Panels

To figure out the very best battery for your solar panels search for high round trip efficiency (RTE), long cycle life (life expectancy), and a flat voltage curve (functional energy). A more effective battery with a flat voltage curve will permit you to utilize more of the solar power created by your solar panels. A long cycle life will offer the most affordable expense per recharge cycle (Tip: Search for a warranty that matches the mentioned cycle life. For instance, Melasta Lithium offers a service warranty on all batteries).

What is the Most Effective Battery for Solar Panels?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries supply the greatest Round Trip Efficiency (RTE) for solar/ solar grid energy conversion. That implies that 96 % of the energy saved in a Melasta Lithium battery is recuperated in a complete discharge cycle, making it one of the greatest performance batteries in the world. Additionally, unlike lead-acid batteries, the voltage curve for a Melasta Lithium iron phosphate battery is flat.

Here are some information points on various battery chemistries and the differences of RTE.

Ranking of Worst to Best Solar Batteries by RTE

Vanadium Redox Flow = 69 %

Nickel Batteries = 74 %

Lead Acid = 76 %

Lithium Ion NMC = 82 %

Lithium Iron Phosphate = 88 %

Another advantage to the consumer is the far higher round trip efficiency of the LiFePO4 cell, which is generally better than 96 %. A "round trip" is a complete discharge and charge cycle.

For how much time will a battery hold a charge?

A Melasta Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has a normal self-discharge rate of 5 % per month. In other words, it takes 6 months for a LiFePO4 battery to self-discharge to the very same level a standard battery reaches in thirty days.

Cost Effective Battery for Solar Panels?

Melasta Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries supply the biggest lifetime worth for solar energy storage. Lead-acid batteries have the most affordable upfront financial investment, however, with brief life expectancy, you will require to change a lead-acid battery 4 to 5 times over the life-span of one Melasta Lithium battery. The performance difference is as follows:

ü  Melasta Lithium battery has two times the usable power per charge. Because the voltage curve does not drop significantly like a lead-acid battery you have the ability to gain access to 96 % of the energy that your panels produce.

ü  Melasta Lithium battery lasts 2,000 to 5,000 recharge cycles vs. 400 to 500 for a lead-acid battery.

ü  Melasta Lithium battery is half the weight. This implies that you can have a battery bank in your house without the concern of it breaking or putting a dent on your flooring.

ü  Melasta Lithium batteries are supported by the finest warranty. That means you can enjoy their lifespan and performance. 
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