Lithium Benefits in Your Bass Boat

Waiting for a morning bite can make it hard to sleep at nighttime. As you patiently wait for the sun to peek over the horizon you check everything on your checklist. Other than that one significant piece of the puzzle that you forgot unexpectedly strikes you and you understand that you never ever charged your trolling motor batteries. Fortunately, you made the choice to change those old lead-acid batteries you had for lithium-powered batteries and you can be charged up enough by dawn to restore the journey.

Worry free boating 

Each part of a boat should work together in order for you to perform those memorable bites that every angler follows. A flaw in your boat‘s system can immediately convert a picture-perfect day into a nightmare. Frequently, we think about all the devices we desire to include in our bass boats to make them more practical and to enhance our chances of capturing those evasive giants, yet we pay less mind to the power plant of our innovations. At Melasta we desire to make it clear and really basic as to why lithium batteries are the finest option for your bass boat.

A bass boat requires reliable marine batteries as they are essential for both starting and running your fishing device. Regardless, lithium batteries provide options to every angler‘s requirements.

Charging Time

Time to charge is a significant aspect of each and every battery. Our lithium batteries can be charged in as quick as an hour, however, we advise utilizing a charge rate that charges them in 2 to 5 hours. Lithium batteries are partial charge tolerant making them best for on the go or perhaps even for the absent-minded angler.

Weight of the Battery 

At very first look the expense of changing to lithium batteries might appear not practical in contrast to lead-acid however when you break down the information, they paint an extremely different image. Lithium batteries last up to ten times longer than their lead-acid equivalents and they still offer 80 % capacity after 2000 cycles. Lithium batteries have 50 to 60% less weight than lead-acid batteries and in some cases, the weight cost savings from changing to lithium batteries can go beyond 100 pounds.

Battery Capacity 

For the days when the bite raves from dawn to sunset or even on the days when you grind it out for that one single catch, lithium power will be with you all the way. Lithium iron phosphate supplies more functional capacity than lead-acid. With 25 to 50% greater capacity than lead-acid batteries with full power throughout discharge, lithium batteries remove the voltage drop that is all too typical with lead-acid.

Look, we get it, you are a little concerned about making the switch and wish to ensure it is the ideal move for both your wallet and your boat. We absolutely comprehend however we likewise desire you to understand that the long-term advantages of changing those obsolete and heavy lead-acid batteries will enhance your boating experience. You will have the team at Melasta supporting you and we will address all your concerns and issues.

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