How to Effectively Recycle or Dispose of Lithium Batteries

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, millions of batteries end up in garbage dumps every year. These batteries have poisonous mixtures which can then leech into the earth and water supplies. This negative effect on the environment can be prevented by lithium battery recycling.

Did you know that you can recycle lithium batteries? You can, and it is much easier than you may believe. Keep checking out to get more information about the only safe method to eliminate old batteries.

Why Lithium Battery Recycling?

Prior we go further, let us take a glance at why it is necessary to recycle batteries. You‘re more likely to continue doing it when you comprehend why you‘re doing something.

Here are a few of the reasons that you need to be old lithium battery recycling:

  1. Saves natural resources

  2. Decreases the quantity of waste in landfills

  3. Avoids pollution developed by the collection of raw materials

  4. Produces new jobs in the rlithium battery recycling and production markets

  5. Conserves energy

  6. Prevents contaminating the environment and groundwater supplies

Much of these advantages originate from the truth that metals such as nickel, aluminum, and copper can all be gathered from old batteries. They can then be utilized in other methods and new metals do not need to be taken from the earth.

What to Do Prior To Taking in Batteries

Prior to you take your batteries someplace to recycle them, there are a couple of things you‘ll wish to do. You need to keep your batteries out of your routine garbage and recycling bin. Lithium battery recycling can cause sparks, even if they‘re totally dead. This is why you wish to prevent putting them with other recyclables. To avoid them from sparking, cover the ends or terminals with electrical tape. It‘s a great idea to enter the routine of doing this as quickly as a battery is removed so it will not trigger any issues.

The other thing you wish to do prior to you evacuate your old batteries to recycle is to call ahead. You wish to make certain the location you‘re taking them accepts the kind of battery you have so you do not squander a journey out there. You likewise require to inquire about charges. Some locations will charge a cost to recycle batteries for you whereas other locations do it totally free. Asking ahead of time will assist you to prevent an undesirable surprise.

Where to Recycle Batteries

Recycling lithium batteries is as simple as discovering a location that will take them. Here are a couple of resources you can utilize to recycle lithium batteries:

1. Lithium battery recycling Center

One of the finest locations to take your batteries to where there is an excellent possibility that they will take them is a local lithium battery recycling center. Not every recycling center takes every kind of battery, so this is one you will certainly wish to call prior to going. A fast search online ought to enable you to discover numerous recycling centers near you so you can discover one that will take your old batteries.

2. Household Hazardous Waste Center

If you are not fortunate enough to not have a lithium battery recycling center near your area that will take your lithium batteries, you must be able to discover a household hazardous waste center. This will need another online question that must lead you to the best location that will certainly take your old batteries.

3. Scrap Yards

To make your journey worth it, you might think about taking your old batteries to a scrap yard. Due to the fact that they can eliminate the metals from them and make a revenue, numerous of these areas will buy them from you. This is especially fantastic for enthusiasts who have a number of big batteries lying around that require recycling. Scrap backyards do not typically take alkaline batteries, so if you likewise have some smaller-sized batteries conserved up from numerous electronic devices, you‘ll need to check out a number of locations to eliminate all of your batteries simultaneously.

4. Community Center or Local Library

In some cases, a city or local community will have a battery drive otherwise you can drop off batteries at a specific location to be recycled for you. Ask at your community center or local library for additional information about this. They mostly take smaller-sized home batteries and other utilized electronic devices rather than bigger batteries.

For this factor, you‘ll wish to verify that your bigger automobile batteries will be accepted. This can be the most practical alternative due to the fact that how close these locations usually are to you compared to lithium battery recycling centers.

5. Electronic and Hardware Stores

As you can picture, hardware shops are most likely to accept bigger batteries given that they can sell them for tools and smaller-sized automobiles. Electronic shops might just accept smaller-sized batteries used in mobile phone and other electronic devices, so you‘ll certainly wish to ask prior to taking them there. It‘s likewise essential to bear in mind that not every shop provides this service. Call ahead and inquire about the particular kinds of batteries you‘re seeking to recycle prior to arriving with them.


Now you understand more about how to recycle lithium batteries so you can decrease your negative influence on the environment. As you can see, it‘s as basic as making a couple of calls and dropping them off.