An Overview About LiFePO4 Batteries

At Melasta, we offer top quality and reputable LiFePO4 batteries so our consumers can make the most out of their outdoor experiences. The deep cycle batteries we manufacture and put together are the ideal low-maintenance response to large and technically out-of-date lead-acid batteries.

Here at Melasta, we get lots of queries about our products and their abilities. You can check out our previous articles as well.

What Makes Our LiFePO4 Batteries Different?

Melasta batteries are created to serve your system in a wide variety of methods. We comprehend that for some rigs, each kg counts. That is why our batteries are a 3rd of the weight of your basic lead-acid batteries and just tip the scales at a streamlined 31 pounds.

It‘s simple to drop them into your system if you desire to change your lead-acid batteries with our LiFePO4 batteries. As drop-in replacement batteries for group 31 and group 27 sizes, Melasta batteries are the exact same specific size and can suit whatever area you have actually designated for them in your system. They are lead-acid drop-in replacements because of that.

When changing to lithium, LiFePO4 batteries discharge at a somewhat greater voltage than AGM, and some components may not recognize this. Even if it‘s at a low state of charge, it might possibly be deemed high voltage. If it believes it‘s handling an empty battery, it will not provide a charge so your finest choice is to change it with an element that can identify it‘s not at a complete charge or an element that can be configured.

If the batteries are not at the exact same voltage or discharge at various rates, the power runs rapidly in between each other and leads to heating up concerns, and is less effective when biking. They just can be utilized individually in systems and adjoined by generator charging.

Can I Change My Battery with Your Melasta LiFePO4 Batteries?

Our 12V, 100 amp-hour battery will provide 12V and will be suitable with the very same system that the lead-acid batteries it‘s replacing. We simply have to make sure it‘s sized appropriately and the power that‘s drawn is able to be accommodated by our battery within the current limitations defined by the battery.

At the very same size as a group 27 and group 31 battery, it can quickly be accommodated anywhere in the rest of your system. The charging voltages are utilized in our battery and in lead-acid. This is crucial due to the fact that if you have an AGM or lead-acid battery, they are usually, bulk charged at 14.4 volts and drifted at 13.6 volts.

Our LiFePO4 batteries will discharge at a somewhat greater voltage. The only modifications that may have to be made for charging functions would have to be to change a battery charger that can identify that the battery is not at a complete charge or a battery charger that can be configured. Our LiFePO4 batteries can provide a lot more power than you‘d anticipate when you‘re using lead-acid in your system. If you desire to run your air conditioner off your batteries, which you can‘t do quickly with a lead-acid battery system, a soft starter will have to be set up onto the A/C system.

Can LiFePO4 Batteries Deal with Water or Vibration in a System?

We comprehend that a lot of consumers utilize their rigs to go checking out off-road in rough and frequently rocky locations. That‘s why when we check our batteries, we put them through energetic vibration requirements. They can manage vibration on cars.

Our batteries can be utilized in marine-based applications, whether you reside on a sailboat or fish on the lake with a trolling motor. The batteries are water-resistant sealed and can deal with a damp environment, however, please make certain not to immerse your Melasta batteries or expose them to big quantities of water. Like any other electronic device, extended direct water exposure has the possibility to trigger damage to both your batteries and the overall system.

LiFePO4 Batteries and Their Expensiveness

When we consider the cost of lithium batteries, our team takes pride in how our batteries are of first-class quality. We intend to make Melasta batteries available for all who desire to integrate them into their system. The sophisticated LiFePO4 battery innovation permits you to provide 2 to 3 times more power of the very same size battery.

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