4.4 V High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV Battery: Boost Effectiveness and Flight Time

Are you seeking a lightweight high voltage battery like the high voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV battery? Our 4.4 V high voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV battery is an excellent match for your battery requirements as well as packs a punch by providing a lot of power in a miniature package.

A LiHV battery is a different form of LiPo battery where "HV" represents high voltage. These high voltage batteries use a large amount of energy than other LiPo batteries. It can charge up to 4.4 V per cell whilst the peak cell voltage of a conventional LiPo battery is 4.2 V and also the nominal voltage is 3.7 V.

The Appeal of 4.4 V High Voltage Battery

More trip time, reliable and stable output power, greater effectiveness, and overall a better flying experience are a few key features for the popularity of 4.4 V high voltage batteries. These batteries can bring a change in the RC world by making battery systems for aircraft, helicopters, and drones more efficient and stable.

These high voltage batteries are a major reason for a better flight over fuel-powered designs. They provide high energy strength to weight ratios and offer consistent voltage output, are skilled at securing fast discharges, have quick recharging times, and can be organized in limitless forms of sizes, shapes, capacities, and voltages.

Advantages of 4.4 V High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV Battery

1.       The high voltage batteries are generally light in weight and also can be custom-made according to any type of feasible shape and size.

2.       4 V high voltage batteries are crucial in an RC design, however, for planes, helicopters, and multi-rotors, they‘re the reason flight has ended up being so         prominent and viable these days.

3.       They possess higher gravimetric (weight) energy density and volumetric energy density.

4.       These high voltage batteries are extremely practical as well as finest at maintaining a reliable output of voltage/power as they discharge.

5.       LiPo 4.4 V batteries have high expulsion rates to provide power to more demanding RC aircraft and cars.

High Voltage LiHV Drone Battery Model

All high voltage batteries are linked with 6 cells in a series connection with a voltage of 22.8 V. The discharge rate can get to 10 ~ 25 C. The range of capacity is from 11000 mAh to 40000 mAh, with a large variety of choices. Naturally, if you have other requirements, please do not hesitate to call us and we will certainly help you to customize an excellent battery solution.

Personalized Shape of High Voltage Battery

High voltage batteries provide a range of modifications in their sizes and shapes. These 4.4 V batteries are made use of in wearable gadgets, are very subtle, and require low power. The little variation in their capacity permits the battery to have more lifespan than other kinds of batteries.

These high voltage batteries can be customized right into numerous sizes and shapes which not just accomplishes the needs of less inner space inside the tools they power, yet likewise prolongs the functional time. They can provide a longer time period of working for any kind of tool.

Longer Run Time and Greater Capacity of High Voltage Battery

High voltage batteries are created to provide energy compactness of the battery in a way that mimics the ability of a battery for energy storage per unit volume. The 4.4 V battery power can be improved by broadening the charging voltage. The nominal voltage increases from 3.7 V to 3.8 V or perhaps 3.85 V. This is totally based upon the restricted area and the mass of a power supply.

With the aid of this method, the capacity of a battery can be increased by about 15 %. They enable your tools to have a long and also more powerful life, as well as support the increased capacity in high voltage batteries.

Higher-End Voltage of High Voltage Battery

The 4.4 V high voltage batteries show a higher voltage than their counterparts, which permits a greater charging cut-off voltage. The high charging voltage increases the efficiency throughout the battery and its long lifespan. The significant distinction in the voltages may appear nominal at first in only one cell, however, the advantage of the high voltage batteries offers more cells in a battery pack.

Final Thoughts on High Voltage Battery

As a specialist battery supplier, Melasta can make custom drone battery solutions for you: custom BMS, structure design, etc. We concentrate on drone batteries, which are made to supply much more secure and efficient power to your drones. High voltage batteries can be installed in consumer or industrial drones, like in FPV, delivery drones, transportation drones, VTOL, inspection drones, mapping and surveying drones, and agricultural spraying drones. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we would like to provide custom battery solutions.