3 Main Reasons to Consider Marine Lithium Batteries

3 Main Reasons to Consider Marine Lithium Batteries

Are you restricting the usage of lithium-ion batteries to just your computer? The similar green energy source that provides power to the portable applications is perfect for larger fish as well. Li-ion marine batteries have the advantages of lithium batteries with the energy required to provide power to your journeys on the water.

While relying on light-weight, effective energy sources, the owners of ferries might actually cut fuel expenses by 60 %. Charging stations that can be of the same size as small newsstands can be set up at each of the ferryboat‘s pier stops for simple charging.

Take a look at the 3 main factors to go for lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid batteries for a marine source of energy.

Marine Lithium Weight

A Li-ion battery is usually one half of the size of a lead-acid battery and a one third of its weight. This is coupled with greater usable capacity of a lithium battery, usually 80 percent or higher vs. an average of 30 to 50 % of lead-acid. Consequently, what does this imply for the marine applications? You are buying a light marine battery that provides added power, offering you the capability to reach further, much quicker. Increase your speed by reducing your weight with lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium Battery Safety

Li-ion batteries here are the obvious winners for the best option in a source of power. Although any kind of battery can break down, Melasta marine lithium batteries have a fail-safe, immediately disconnecting the lithium battery if the system reaches an overheating stage. On the other hand, hazardous positioning of metal substances nearby the battery compartments of lead-acid can cause a dead short across the terminals of the battery, possibly resulting in a fire or blast. With Melasta Li-ion marine batteries, you lessen the risks of fire and smoothly cruise the marine applications.


Nobody desires to get left alone on the lake or sea. Consequently, possessing a dependable battery must be everyone’s very first choice while buying for their marine applications. Li-ion marine batteries show a much higher lifespan than other lead-acid batteries. In case you pick lithium, the battery‘s lifespan might even surpass the lifespan of the boat you have, whereas conventional battery lifespans are just for 1 to 2 yrs. Although Li-ion batteries are pricier than lead-acid batteries, you will save cash in the long term by reducing your maintenance and replacement expenses. Don’t worry that lead-acid batteries will leave you stranded in the lake or sea. Just rely on a lithium battery for a trusted marine source of energy.