Starter Battery

Melasta has developed high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) batteries to provide the best quality with extreme discharge current flow. These are technological advantages of Melasta Starter Battery
1. 80% lighter than Lead-acid batteries.
2. Perfectly works in low temperature (-40) conditions.
3. Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor battery health.
4. Wide temperature range series -20oC to +60oC.
5. Perfect solution for lead-acid replacement batteries.
6. Low self-discharge rate.
7. Comply with International safety standards including UN38.3, and CE.

These are the performance graphs for the Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn) Battery  Model 1.65V 2600mAh HP49C260 under these conditions. These cells used for this battery. 

01.Different Rate Discharge Curve:

NI-ZN Discharge  Mode: CC-CV 1.9V Cut-off at RT
NI-MH Charge Mode: CC-CV 1.6 Cut off at RT

02.Different Rate Charge Curve:

NI-ZN Charge Mode: CC-CV 1.9V Cut-off at RT
NI-MH Charge Mode: CC-CV 1.6 Cut off at RT

Melasta Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn) Battery Pack Technical Specification MB1207Z,7Ah

These are the technical specification of Melasta Ni-Zn Battery Pack with specification of 12V Voltage, and 7 Ah capacity.  

1. Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage

12 V

Nominal Capacity

7 Ah


48 Wh

Internal Resistance


Cycle Life

>500 cycles @0.2C 70%DOD

Months Self Discharge


Efficiency of Charge

100% @0.5C

Efficiency of Discharge

96~99% @1C

2. Standard Charge

Charge Voltage

15.2 V

Charge Mode

0.2C to 15.2 V, then 15.2 V, charge current to 0.02C5A (CC/CV)

Charger Current

7 A

Max. Charge Current

21 A

Charge Cut-off Voltage


3. Standard Discharge

Continuous Current


Max. Discharge Current


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


4. Environmental

Charge Temperature

0 to 45 (32F to 113F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Discharge Temperature

-20to 60 (-4F to 140F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Storage Temperature

0 to 40 (32F to 104F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Water Dust Resistance



Dimensions (mm.)

151*85*95 mm

Weight (g.)

Approx: 2.1 KG