Things You Should Know When Upgrading Your Sailboat to Lithium

In today‘s blog, we will be considering the advantages of upgrading your sailboat battery to lithium batteries. The key to survival and safety in an unforgiving environment such as a lake or an open ocean is the ability to run critical systems like navigation systems, running lights, and radios. We believe Melasta LiFePO4 batteries are the most suitable option for power because of the lots of advantages and reliability of lithium batteries.

Performance & Efficiency of  Sailboat battery

Lithium batteries are the most effective operating option when we consider the deliverance of ranked amp hours, continuous voltage regardless of SoC (state of charge), and charging efficiency. In a scenario where a lead-acid bank of batteries might take 6 to 12 hours to charge, Melasta lithium batteries can charge in as little as 1 to 3 hours. If you have to run a generator to charge, lithium batteries can result in large fuel cost savings by charging 4 to 6 times quicker than lead-acid batteries.

Safety & Adaptability

Melasta lithium batteries for sailboat battery can be set up in series or parallel to fulfill your voltage or capacity requirements. They can be charged through numerous techniques, and do not release any gasses during the charging or discharging process. Although we advise separately charging batteries connected in series, our batteries might be charged through numerous sources that consist of DC-to-DC chargers, alternators, inverter chargers, or charge controllers. You can check out our charging document for more information. Moreover, lithium batteries aren‘t impacted by staying in a partial SoC.

On days with cloud cover, you won‘t have to worry about ruining your batteries if your solar panels aren‘t functioning at optimal efficiency. LiFePO4 is inherently reliable chemistry since its structural stability causes quite less heat generation than other lithium chemistries. Furthermore, Melasta LiFePO4 batteries are provided with numerous layers of fail-safes that prevent catastrophic breakdowns. Lithium batteries may also be stored in just about any dry place on the boat. Since they do not release any gasses when they are operated, ventilation is not an issue so batteries could even be installed in living quarters.

Durability & Cost

Lithium batteries will exceed (in performance) lead-acid in nearly every category consisting of general life cycles, cost per cycle, and maintenance. Directly compared to GEL or AGM, lithium batteries for sailboat battery will outlive their lead-acid counterparts by 6 to 10 times. The up-front expense of lithium batteries seems higher than lead-acid batteries, but the expenses are recouped in a much longer life period and lowered cost to charge. There is no maintenance for lithium batteries.

Apart from the benefits of greater efficiency, versatility, cost, durability, and safety, Melasta LiFePO4 batteries are reliable, whether you are enjoying your weekends on the water or surviving on your sailboat full-time.
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